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Questions and Answers

You can find answers to frequently asked questions. If your inquiry relates to another subject don't hesitate to contact our support.

What is allows you to host any type of data, you can use it in different cases.
- Send large files that can't be sent by email
- To save your data and be accessed from anywhere.
- Just to share with your colleagues and / or friends.

Do I need to register at

We recommend you to register an account to to enjoy all the its advantages that include:
- Access all your files directly from your personal space, view sharing statistics and backup your links .
- The waiting time before and after a download is reduced.
- The download speed is significantly higher.

Why become Premium User?

By becoming a Premium user you will access to all features on our websites. It is also the easiest way when you exchange a lot of files, you will get more bandwidth and you do not have to wait between each download.

How to download on

To download a file on our website you need to have a link to it. Simply open it with your favorite browser. You can either download the file for free or obtain a premium account. A premium account will remove the waiting time and increase your download speed.

I can't sign in, what should I do?

First of all, please make sure you've typed in the correct e-mail address and password (check the login information in the registration e-mail that was sent to you).
If you can access the e-mail account you used during the registration then you can easily recover the password within the "Forgot your Password" section of login form.
If you still can't access the account please make sure cookies are enabled in your browser (if not, enable them). If cookies are turned on, then clear the cookies for the domain name and try to log into your account once again. If problem persist, please send a message through the contact form.